Carolina Swingers Meetup

Jan 12th

Women: have you ever felt an attraction to another woman? Bicurious and bisexual females are everywhere and now there’s a Meetup to support you! Women who are single or married, currently in a relationship with a male OR female… let’s get together and socialize, get to know other people and just be who we are! Please note: Although you may have found this Meetup under the “LGBT” heading, this is NOT a Meetup for men, straight women, gay women, or trans…we are focused SOLELY on the unique needs of bi and bi-curious women! (And please do not attempt to join if you are just a couple looking for a third!!)

This group is made up of a large group of women from all different walks of life. We all have one thing in common: our dual attraction to both women and men. This attraction varies to different degrees. Some are attracted more to men than women; for others, it’s just the opposite. Some are in the early stage of discovering their attraction; others have been aware of it for many years. Some are very comfortable with the public knowing about their dual attraction; others are rather uncomfortable with having others find out about it. Some have the attraction come and go; for others, it’s a part of their life. Some act out their attraction in many different levels; others are more monogamous or don’t act out their attraction at all. Some of the women in this group already have a primary relationship with a man, yet need an outlet for that part of themselves attracted to women. We have polyamorous women, swingers, duogomous, and monogomous women in this group.

Due to the fact that the group is made up of women from all different walks of life, it provides an interesting mix of people… which in return provides a great support structure to the members of the group. However, due to the various levels of attraction and comfort levels, there is a need for some structure to accommodate all members.

If you are discovering a dual attraction, however, you are not ready to be open about it, you don’t need to put up your picture… but please be aware it makes it difficult for the organizers to reach out to you. (At least put up a picture of something you like, to give your profile character!) If you choose not to post a picture of yourself, please be aware we will ask you to email a photo of yourself for gender verification. It will not be shared or posted.

We do require members be active. If you are non-active, i.e. you do not log in to the site for more than a month, you are subject to removal without notice. We want you to be a part of the group and for the group to be a part of your life. (Should something unique come up, please let us know, and individual situations will of course be given special consideration.)

Also, if you have an interest in becoming an Assistant Organizer, please let us know! We are always looking for new ideas and women who are able to help organizer fun get-togethers!

Welcome to SwingersHub!

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