6 Wife Swapping Movies You Need to Watch

It’s no secret that this lifestyle has become exceedingly popular amongst a lot of adults around the world. As we move into this popular and open lifestyle option, you should know that there are 5 wife swapping movies you should see right now.

Wife Swapping Movies to Watch

1. A Good Lawyers Wife

This is a South Korean film released in 2003 and talks about the multiple affairs of a family that love to experiments with their sex lives. The story begins with a housewife that seeks to have a physical relationship with a teenager. It’s a nice movie to have a casual viewing of and you will find yourself educated on how sexual desires can be fulfilled outside the bedroom.

2. Palm Swings

Released in 2019, Palm Swings is a movie about a young couple that decides to test their love. This happens when they discover that their neighbors are swingers and looking to explore their lifestyles even more. It’s a good movie that explains how being open in a relationship is important.

3. All the Loving Couples

This is a really old movie released in 1960 and focuses on a weekend where couples get together and debunk the myths about polygamy and threesomes. It also focuses on a diverse group of people who are gay, bi, and lesbians. The movie has humor, political innuendos and is the perfect movie for people to understand this lifestyle better. All the Loving Couples should be on your playlist of wife swapping movies.

4. Love Birds

Love Birds released in 2017 and follows the story of Tamara and Alan who spend the whole day in a hotel room. They are celebrating their wedding anniversary and decide to spice things up by inviting other people to join them. This is a movie based on pure sexual fantasy and showcases how couples can enjoy themselves

5. Bare Essentials

This raunchy movie is about a couple that takes a holiday to an exotic island and starts swinging with other couples there. The movie talks about how friendships go south and how sexual fantasies can salvage them. Watch this movie to discover the passion that swingers share. This is one of those wife-swapping movies you need to add to your wishlist now.

6. Four Lovers

Released in 2010, Four Lovers is the story of a couple that meets other swingers and falls in love. Everything is perfect and things get hot very soon and very fast. The movie talks about how couples need to be open with each other and how consensual relationships can be enjoyed. Of course, there’s a lot to learn from this movie but it is important to understand the underlying story that the movie communicates.

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