Wife Swapping in India – How to Meet Couples and Singles

Wife Swapping in India is catching up some serious steam. As we explore the lifestyle choices in metros like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore, we are not surprised to learn that the concept of swapping wives has moved beyond the cities and is now predominant amongst Indians in cities such as Ahmedabad, Nagpur, Bhopal, and other places too.

History of Wife Swapping In India

Once upon a time, wife sharing in India was taboo. It was not something people spoke of very openly but it is quite evident now that times are changing. Couples across India are seemingly open to discussing their sexuality and they love meeting other people who share the same lifestyle choices with them.

We used to hear about wife swapping in India only in the movies. Talking about that, check out our list of the best Wife Swapping Movies to watch.

Since 2011, wife swapping in India has boomed. Earlier, it was available only on our Twitter Channel. It has become the number one most wanted lifestyle experience that a lot of married couples want to participate in. Couples use the SwingersHub club website to browse other members and find profiles they can click with. Swinging is basically dating for couples.

Wife Sharing in India is Exotic

What most people do not realize is that swinging goes beyond the conventional understanding. Most people used to think that swinging was only about sex. That is far from the truth. Swinging today is where wife-sharing couples come together to share their experiences and fantasies.
Indians love fantasies. This is why a lot of single males and females also participate in swinging. Swingers clubs like ours have members where couples organize parties for Indians across the country. You can find a lot of parties at our club. Members organize these parties themselves and invite other SwingersHub club members to attend.

Wife Swapping in India
Wife Swapping in India

If you want to attend a party for wife swapping in India, then you can find a lot of Indians from small and big metros listing their requirements on our group pages. People still cannot understand how Swinging in India became so popular. This is where we can share with you a video of a Youtuber asking people in India if they know what wife swapping is and if they are ready for it.

Couple Swap Parties in India

When we came to India, we attended some really hot wife swapping parties in India where couples and singles come together and play games and drink. The games are a lot of fun and include things like strip poker and truth or dare. The drinks are amazing and everyone drinks in proportion. No one gets drunk and everyone has a great time. One of the best Swingers Parties in India that we attended was a few years ago. It was a Swingers Party in Pune and we reported a lot about it.

Today, you can find more swingers’ parties around the country. Wife sharing in India is very common if you know where to look. The parties are awesome, safe, and are invite-only.

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