What is a White Elephant Gift Exchange?

Party games are usually fun. The white elephant gift exchange is another great adult themed party game where erotic or scandalising gifts are exchanged during festivities. They are popular at swingers parties between couples and singles. The phrase white elephant gift exchange is derived from a Thai custom where weird gifts were usually exchanged between couples. It was when these couples wanted to share fantasies with each other’s partners.

White Elephant Gift Party

Rules of the White Elephant Gift Exchange

Players that meet at swinger parties usually bring a gift-wrapped present along with them and place it in the centre of the room. It could be anything from a bottle of wine to handcuffs. There is no limit to the kinks available here. During the course of the party, couples will pick one gift from the pile and open it. They are then paired with the gifter and they have to share it with the person that brought it to the party. We have videos on Instagram that showcase these parties too.

It’s pretty straight forward that these parties are adult in nature and most of the time, the gifts that couples pick are the ones they have to use with other members at the party. It’s a great way to break the ice and at the same time get matched up with another swinger or wife swapping couple at the party.

White Elephant Gift Exchange

Gift Ideas

Some really popular gifts include male and female masturbators or kinky sex toys. Most couples get dildos or vibrators. There are a few other great gifting ideas such as vibrating condoms, remote female vibrators, blindfolds, massage tools and handcuffs. If you are attending a white elephant gift exchange with couples, it’s best to let your kinky side take over. You can find yourself getting a dual couple vibrator too. This is where both couples will feel pleasure of what their partners are experiencing. Other great elephant gift exchange ideas include sex dice, BDSM harnesses and vibrating finger toys.

The next time you are attending a swingers party, tell the host to organise a white elephant gift exchange and add some fun to the party. This is a great fun event. It gets all attendees in the mood to get out of their conventional mindset. Plus, it gives them a chance to prepare for a wild night.

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