Swingers Club in Vegas – The Best Lifestyle Choices for Couples

Our members have been hosting parties around the world but there is nothing that compares to the best Swingers Club in Vegas. The mood is saucy and the members are steamy. One night at our red room is sure to make you want to come back for more.

SwingersHub has a great list of members from Vegas. It is afterall, sin city and there is no way we can leave without having a great time. If you are new to this lifestyle, check out How to Meet Couples Online.

Best Swingers Club in Vegas

You may assume that Vegas is the best place to go for a lifestyle holiday, but it isn’t. Yes, you can have sexy fun in Vegas, but the focus is on getting people hooked on expensive drinks and betting their money away. Swingers aren’t as lucrative, so this swingers club in Las Vegas may not appeal to the lifestyle as much. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a detailed list of your Vegas lifestyle choices so you can still have sexy fun in Sin City!

Swingers Club in Vegas

Make a reservation at an adult casino, which is not a child-friendly hotel, but be wary of the paying prostitutes and scammers who frequent the casino’s bar areas. You don’t want to be detained, robbed, roofied, or taken advantage of by the Vegas Up – selling scam. The nearest legal brothels are about an hour’s drive away from Las Vegas. While it is illegal to employ a hooker, it is legal to buy marijuana in Vegas; however, most local swingers clubs do not allow it. Kasidie is a common spot among locals in Las Vegas. For out-of-state swingers who are visiting, we will have a plethora of calendar hot dates rendezvous listings at our events page.

Lifestyle Clubs in Vegas for Couples

We won’t even attempt to call and analyse all of the Vegas strip clubs, such as Spearmint Rhino, Crazy Horse, Sapphire, Cheetahs, and the countless others. We’ll give you some pointers, such as how to negotiate a free taxi ride to the strip club. Most night clubs pay taxi drivers a commission for carrying new cash bags, er, customers. Many nightclubs also have their own fleet of limousines that provide free rides because they want as many customers as possible to pay the high cover charge and pricey drink rates, not to mention the insanely high VIP room fees. Carry lots cash because the Service charges inside the strip clubs are exorbitant.

Swingers Club in Vegas

Expect to be unable to persuade any dancer to return with you. Good dancers will make hundreds of dollars on a great evening, and no matter how well they act, they are performing and trying to make the most money. Check your credit cards over the next few days. There have been many reports of credit card fraud at Las Vegas strip bars. The criminals believe you would be too ashamed to fight the false charges.

Playhouse LV Swingers Club in Vegas

PlayhouseLV is a lovely swinger club on a much more intimate scale. It is located in an industrial area close to the Strip. This is a private event, and everyone must be screened before joining, which helps to keep chaos and troublemakers at bay. On Friday nights, they hold parties for singles and couples. Saturdays are exclusively for couples. They also hold pool parties throughout the summer. Visiting guests pay $80 per group, while returning members pay $50. This is one of the best swinging choices in Vegas. This is an excellent choice for a Swingers Club in Las Vegas.


Whispers is yet another Las Vegas lifestyle club situated a few seconds off the strip in a traditional ranch house that has been transformed into a swinger club. They accept both couples and single ladies. The crowd will differ from one group to the next. It is a BYOB venue that includes a non-disclosure agreement for each case. It has a pool, lockers, and towels. They are only open on weekends and host social events approximately 2-3 weekends each season. Some parties will arrange special gatherings at this club, which will be listed on our events page. Whispers is the only club in Las Vegas that does not accept single men. On most weekends, this is a fantastic alternative.

Swingers Party in Las Vegas

Red Rooster Swingers Club in Vegas

Attendees this swinger club have mixed feelings towards Red Rooster. It is not a best pick for most swingers, but it is a decent alternative for individuals who are in Vegas through the week and have a small budget. Even though you’re in Vegas, it’s still the middle of the week, and unless it’s a weekend, there aren’t many great swinging midweek choices. This place has been around for a long time and is not the most luxurious. Depending on the audience that night, it can be good or bad. They have a pool and a bathtub. It is BYOB and single men are welcome, so be ready for both scenarios.

Green Door Las Vegas

Green Door is just another swing choice, but it is not named the best tier option by many swingers. It has a decent amount of young swingers, but it also has varying reports because it is overrun with single men who can be rude and aggressive. You can prevent this by staying in the husbands and wives section. This is not in the nicest area away from the Vegas strip, so be mindful of your surroundings when entering and exiting this establishment. The party does not really begin until after midnight, and alcohol is not permitted. This is a safe idea if you want to stop alcohol.

SwingersHub Parties

This is by far the safest and best way to party with swingers in Vegas. We host swingers party in Las Vegas for years and every party has always been bigger and better than the previous one. The best part about our parties is that they are hosted by verified members at the club. This means that you are sure to meet the people only you want to meet. You can also find the latest party updates by follwing us on Twitter.

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