What is a Polyamorous Relationship?

People around the world are becoming much more open to their likes and dislikes in terms of choosing partners via a Polyamorous Relationship. They do not want to stick to one partner but are also looking to express true love to more than one person without being shy about it. They believe to be true in what they are looking for and do not indulge in cheating. Within these kinds of  relationships, one partner would want to continue and be committed in a relationship but at the same time would want to be involved with someone else. Here, they are ready to speak about it with their partners and only would want to take the idea ahead if their partner agrees. They are not looking to cheat anyone but be honest about their feelings.

What’s the Deal?

In such relationships, many at times it is seen that both the partners are completely okay with their decision and both have one more relationship terming the entire group as quadruple. This entire arrangement is known as having a polyamorous relationship. It is completely against the rule of cheating. Cheating is a completely different scenario in which a partner lies about commitment and secretly sees someone else and carries a relationship. polyamorous relationship is all about been open about feelings and maturely handling two relationships by communicating everything with their partners.

Polyamorous Relationship

Modern couples accept these kinds of relationships as they feel it is important to explore and live life rather than being with one person. To have a happy polyamorous relationship one needs to consider the below mentioned tips before entering in such a situation:

1. Letting go of the idea of “one true love” or “one man women”.

2. Understanding monogamy as a spectrum.

3. Healthy communication is the key to success along with building trust.

4. Dropping off labelling relationships in front of the world and being private.

5. Healthy dealing with social stigma.

Is Polyamorous Relationship a New Concept?

Polyamory is also known as ‘consensual non-monogamy’ and technically is not at all a new concept. People were known to have such relationships back in the 1800’s but at those times because of social pressure did not speak openly about their needs and feelings. Several groups in America known as Mormons have been seen practising multiple partner relationship style in the late 1700 and were even open about it with their social groups. Poly dating is a really old concept and is now gaining momentum again.

Do Polyamorous Relationships have Boundaries?

Absolutely yes! A polyamorous relationship has a set of rules which are made by partners about the dos and don’ts. This applies to sex life and also about not seeing and dating anyone else. Furthermore, the primary partner is considered the main partner and the other needs to agree and be truthful with them. Also, financial duties are to be communicated too and are binding on all. Another important rule is regular communication. As polyamorous relationship works on trust, communication needs to be open. This is especially if primary partners have kids or have been staying under the same roof as a family.

One has to understand that a polyamorous relationship is not about getting laid with random partners. If your partner is looking out for somebody else rather than their originally mentioned partners, this would consider cheating. There is no legal terming or abiding for a polyamorous relationship. Hence, it is seen as a normal practice in many parts of the world. Follow us on twitter to know more about poly dating.

Polyamorous Dating

What are the Precautions of getting into a Polyamorous Relationship?

Some Polyamorous Relationships have seen jealousy and the primary relationship in later years are affected. Also, partners are steady in the primary relationship but over time keep changing the other partner. Although they may  be honest about it, it can have the risk to sexual life. Not forgetting as to the increased risk of attracting sexually transmitted diseases. There also have been instances where a person starts to lose attachment. As a result, it affects the psychological behaviour of the primary partner.

Poly Dating

As a general factor as per statistics, partners in polyamorous relationship are seen being more happier than other couples. This is because they express more efficiently about relationship dynamics, emotional and physical needs and much more. This is the reason why such relationships are very commonly accepted. Locally and as well within societies across the world. If you are keen on learning about how you can make swinging or swapping work for you, join our members-only club and attend our swinger parties.

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