Kentucky Wife Swapping Meetup

When we moved to Kentucky back in August this year for our annual swingers catchup, we were surprised to see so many new faces to join the club. It was a real tread to be surrounded by couples that were interested in wife swapping in Kentucky and with all these people around us, we knew we were going to have a good time. When the drinks were served, our inhibitions were left loose. We didn’t care about stigma or what others thought. Here was a group of likeminded individuals that were keen on sharing their wife swapping stories with us and we were keen to learn more.

So many couples told us their stories of how they think Kentucky is the perfect place to find other swingers that are also in the lifestyle and how they needed to find a swing house that catered to their needs. The SwingersHub has helped organise so many parties and meets over the years and this swingers party was no exception. We can’t wait to meet wife swapping couples from Kentucky again. We will be travelling to Bangkok over the weekend for the Thai Swingers Party and we can’t wait to see you there. In the meanwhile, Im sharing our photos and impressions from the Kentucky Wife Swapping meetup we attended.

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