Hot Wife Gets Banged by Boss and Swinging Husband

There’s no better fantasy than to have your wife banged by your Boss. This member from the SwingersHub just invited his Manager home to oogle at his wife. The Hotwife who is also a member at this club decided to give her husbands boss a real treat.

Once things got confortable, we were able to start capturing these amazing photos. This really hot wife started swinging with her husband right there in the room. She wrapped her legs around her husbands boss and enticed him. Within minutes she was sucking his cock and deepthroating him while her husband just sat there and watched. He then decided that he too wanted to be a part of the fun so he whipped out his cock and stuffed it into her pussy from behind.

This swingers party was a small one and just a threesome but you can see that the photos are wonderful. There’s nothing better than a realy hot wife taking in her husbands cock and her boss’s cock at the same time. Real hardcore stuff.

While we did get permission to click these photos, we didnt get the permission to publish the names of the couple. But you can always look into their SwingersHub profiles to find more pictures of their swing lifestyle.

This was a really hot sesssion and deserved a real good writeup. We cant wait to meet more cuckolds and find another couple that are willing to share their wife or husband.

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