Cuckold Blog and Erotic Sexual Planner Guide for Couples

At SwingersHub, we have a huge group of swingers that love this lifestyle. Our cuckold blog is designed to help couples and single unicorns find the perfect platform for them to explore their wild side. With more and more couples attending our swingers’ parties and indulging themselves in the swinger’s lifestyle, it becomes important to catalog every sexual experience in a single place. One such place to explore the lifestyle is with the help of a cuckold planner.

Cuckolding has been around for years and the need to experience new kinks has led to the need for a cuckold planner. Our friends over at have curated a list of great experiences and logs that you can use to manage your swinger lifestyle.

What is Cuckold Planner?

Cuckold Planner is the first-ever curated list and yearly log of erotic experiences that couples can use to manage their sexual lives. It is a logbook that contains tips, tricks, and new experiences you need to try out.

Cuckold Blog Planner
Cuckold Planner

Features of the Cuckold Blog Planner

A cuckold planner allows you and your partner to keep a tab of sexual experiences. It helps you spice up your sex life by recommending to you what you need to do next. Another great feature is that it suggests great new ways to approach bulls, stags, and vixens so that you can invite them to bed. It lets you keep an annual log of great moments that you can share with your wife or cuckold husband.

Some of the features of the cuckold blog planner include getting excellent sexual guidance for cuckolds for the entire year. It lets you keep a tab on erotic activities for you and your partner. It’s the perfect way to get better at this lifestyle and start exploring new sexual avenues.

It also features a detailed diary that allows you to log notes of your experiences with bulls and vixens. It’s the most exciting guide to help you live a safe sex life. It also offers insightful actions that you can do with your partner to elevate your erotic needs.

Consider it as a digital planner that allows you to live a happier life with your wife or cuckold husband. You can keep a digital copy of it on your phone or laptop thus giving you the privacy you deserve.

Cuckold Blog

They also have a cuckold blog that shares notes on what you need to do and not do when meeting cuckolds and wife swapping couples. It consists of a 365-day planner that allows you to achieve your sexual goals.
Billing and invoicing are completely discreet. They take great care to ensure your privacy so you know that you can fully trust the planner.

Unique Features

  • 50+ Sex Tips & Tricks for Couples
  • Smutty Stories about Cuckolding
  • Chastity Checkboxes
  • Fields to Reminisce
  • Weekly Plans and Journal for 52 weeks
  • Kinky Illustrations for a Cuckold Blog

Getting Started

You can get started by downloading a demo copy today to check out this Cuckold Blog Planner so that you know exactly what you are getting. It’s totally worth it.

Alternatively getting started with SwingersHub gives you access to other cuckold couples and wife sharing unicorns to meet at swingers parties. Join our swingers club today. You can also follow us on Twitter to stay updated on our latest parties.

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