Announcing SwingersHub 3.0

It’s been a while since we launched an update and we are glad to announce that it is finally here. SwingersHub 3.0 has been a project we are super proud to release. Packed with new features for both desktop and mobile users, we wanted to find a way to bridge the gap that our members ever so dearly love.

So what’s new in SwingersHub 3.0?
There’s a lot. It’s faster, better and stronger than ever before. Our developers, UX, UI and marketing teams have been hard at work trying to seamlessly bring to the club a whole new experience. We have tweaked out all the bugs and removed any glitches that existed before. Now with nearly 200,000 subscribers, the SwingersHub has truly become the one and only destination for swingers, couples and wife sharing fantasies. And with our all new features, it has become even better.

As always we are focussed completely on our members security needs. This is why we have sunk in an AES256 SSL certificate right into our databases. This means that all the data that we cache are super encrypted and backed up only on our secure servers.

We have revamped the look and feel of most of our club features. It still retains our glory club colours and yet managed to find a new design in between there. We know that too much change is bad and hence we have kept the system navigation the same as it used to be before. Our UI teams have put together a better interface solely designed to help you have a much better experience at the club.

Live Chat
You said and we listened. We have upgraded the chat to a better and cleaner infrastructure. Now you can upload images and videos as well into your conversations. We have also added #hashtag support from twitter to help you get those tweets trending.

Local Groups
We have added over 40 more local groups for countries around the world. The SwingersHub now reaches out to over 33 countries. Each group has its own forum, timeline and image sharing interface. Get better local matches when searching.

Your timeline now features images, posts, updates, tweets and videos too. It’s faster, better and more intuitive than ever before. You can also subscribe to other members and like the stuff they share.

We’ve cleaned out the discussion boards to help you post your party and classified ads. You can share your forum posts directly onto your timeline and handle your publishing options from there as well.

We’ve collaborated with you to place all images and albums and galleries into one place. Our all new gallery is the place where you can go to get a glimpse of everything that has been happening. We’ve added all our party pics, videos and much more there.

Now you can host your own party, get funded for it and have fun. At the SwingersHub we are all about having fun and we want to encourage it in every legal way we can. Host or get invited to the parties that other members throw. Meet new swingers and have a blast.

We’ve partnered with Uber to help you get to your parties too. Use the coupon code ‘UberGo4Ride” and get your ride free the next time you are heading out to a swingers party.

We’ve got our application running on Android. Now take the SwingersHub with you everywhere you go.With the official SwingersHub Android application, you get instant access to timelines, messaging, chat, members search and all the features you have come to love at the club.

No more limits. Unlike other dating sites, we don’t charge you premiums for any service. As our club member you get limitless messaging with every member. Chat, call and message anytime, anywhere.

Terms, Conditions & Privacy Policy
We’ve tweaked out our terms and conditions to make it more robust and secure. We want to ensure that our members are protected for their privacy and are entitled to the best that our club’s features have to offer. Our new terms and conditions state very clearly that we still do not endorse any form of solicitation of exchanging sexual favours for money. We are a guideline friendly club.

Better Search
Now finding anything at the club has become super easy. Our new intelligent members search function makes it the perfect platform for you to find other swingers in your local area and connect with them instantly. We have also added a quick search bar to help you get to wherever you want to go quickly.

Apart from the obvious changes, we have tweaked out countless other things that are worth thanking our developers for. Overall, SwingersHub 3.0 has paved the way for better things to come.

In light with these amazing updates, we would like to take this opportunity and extend membership to anyone not yet a member to claim all these features for FREE before December 31st 2015. This will be the final few days that the SwingersHub FREE Membership promo lasts for. Post this, we shall be charging our usual membership fess. So, if you are not yet a member, we highly recommend that you sign up now.

Happy Swinging,
Team SwingersClub

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