A Whole New Experience

We know you guys love us and we want to show back some love.

Our latest website and app update comes with a plethora of features that have been specifically created to help you enhance your SwingersHub experience. Here we have listed all our upgrades so that you know exactly what we have been working on.

  • Completely new website look and feel. Our aim is to get personal and this is what we have tried to achieve.
  • Your timeline is now more intuitive. You can now share picutures, videos and links directly from you timeline and share it with all other members.
  • Security is something that we take seriously and hence we have upgraded your privacy options inside your Control Panel. Check it out!
  • Your timeline now shows you exactly what you want. We have added filters to your timeline to help you choose between viewing updates, new members, friendships, replies etc.
  • The live chat interface now is much more cleaner. We have reworked the system to help you connect to other swingers and couples more easily.
  • The discussion boards are now bigger, better and more simplified. No more confusion when it comes to reading what matters most to you.
  • Now search directly from your Discussion Board panel. Quick and advanced search will help you find the right content.
  • Japan is the latest country to join our local clubs. Please welcome Japan to the SwingersHub.
  • Members images have been updated to the gallery. You can now view a dynamic wall of private galleries.
  • The ‘Hottest Swingers’ is the latest feature to be added to the site. You can now see live images and vote for your hottest swingers at the SwingersHub
  • We have redefined our Android app and it now supports all versions. Download it now.
  • We have optimised the site to fit all resolutions of devices. Now you can take the SwingersHub everywhere you want, on either iPad, PC, Mac, Tablet, Android or Phone. It fits perfectly.

There you have it. As you can see, we have been working on these features for a while now and we are ecstatic to share them with you. In order to ensure that more members are able to enjoy these premium features, we have extended the FREE MEMBERSHIP OFFER till the 30th of June 2014.

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