5 Best Nude Beaches in the World

There is nothing more relaxing than laying under the sunlight on a beach, naked. With time, nude beaches have gained huge popularity even when they are considered taboo in some places. Every time you go out for vacation, you plan on doing things you have never done before. In case going to a nude beach alone or with your partner is in your bucket list then knowing the most amazing beaches in the world is important. For exploring some of the best nude beaches around the world continue reading through this article. Here is a list of the top 5 nude beaches that you must not miss if you are planning for an exciting holiday. 

Haulover Hude Beaches, USA

People from around the world are crazy behind this beach situated in the sunshine city. You can expect a ton of party freaks all over the beach. With perfect weather almost the entire year, you will receive everything you require for your comfort. Avoid going on weekends if you wish to have some quality time with just a few people around. The beach is clean and police are patrolling at all times to ensure no mischief takes place around the beaches. Also, the popularity of the beach can be ascertained by the millions of visitors that visit the beach every year. 

Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach, Greece

One of the best locations for people looking forward to drinking, dancing, and enjoying their vacation to the fullest. When you go through the top beaches situated in Mykonos, you will definitely come across this one. The day is filled with relaxation on this beautiful, clothing-optional beach whereas nights are busy with the amazing nightclubs around the area. Keep your money intact since the expenses will be on as peak along with the enjoyment. Also, the rooms are well-furnished for a perfect stay. 

Praia Do Pinho

Praia Do Pinho Nude Beaches, Brazil

This comes under one of those beaches where there is a strict “no clothes” rule. For all those people with a fascination for nudity, usually finds their way to this particular beach. Also, some of the craziest activities happen there in the woods. To avoid any sort of discomfort to females, unaccompanied males are not at all welcomed. You can be assured of no creepy behavior here. Enjoy the beautiful scenery on the first naturist beach in Brazil with your better half. You will surely end up with memories you will remember for a lifetime. 

Wreck Nude Beaches

Wreck Nude Beaches, Canada

This beach secures a place amongst the longest nude beaches in the world. It is around 7.8 km long with a variety of things to explore around. It takes around 15 minutes to reach this naturist beach from Vancouver. Since it’s quite near, you are likely to find people of all ages. The beach is usually occupied with the students from the nearby university. To avoid this student crowd, try heading to this beach during holidays. You can easily enjoy your time in this longest nude beach covered with some of the wildest people you will ever see. Due to its vast popularity, it receives 12000 visitors on an average every day. 

Lady Bay Beach

Lady Bay Beach, Australia

This beach comes under some of the official nude beaches in Australia. Although when you visit Australia, you will realize that almost every other beach here is clothing optional. But there is something about this small and beautiful beach in Sydney that catches the visitors’ attention. Walk to the lighthouse and enjoy the marvelous view, relax while sunbathing, and much more. There is so much you can do on this beach without a need to escaping town if you live nearby. This will definitely be your perfect getaway destination.

Swingers Beaches are for Everyone

These were some of the best nude beaches in the world that you can visit. Sometimes in life having experiences that you haven’t had yet can end up being great memories. Go head on to these beaches and no need to pack your beach dresses anymore! Do not freak out when you find a lot of wild people partying around. Get rid of your clothes and join the crowd to have a blast on your vacation. If you are looking to find a swingers party, then you can check out our listings too.

SwingersHub members organize parties and meetups at some of these amazing nude beaches. If you would like to join us, register today. You can also find us on Youtube where we keep uploading the best videos.

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